For the employee looking for work

  • Search Blue-collar jobs anywhere.
  • Be able to list unlimited profiles in any location for potential employers to hire you.
  • Fast and easy to make a profile.
  • Easy to search employment in your area.
  • Easy to search employment anywhere in the world to see up and coming projects or future employment opportunities.
  • All searches are GPS located and will be visible on a map so no need to scroll through unwanted ad’s, just click on a company icon and see details.

Company or Employer services.

  • No need to list help adds and have unwanted soliciting, have it now in one easy and fast to use app.
  • Fast search option, no need to register if you’re just looking for a fast hire. looking for local employees? (from a waitress to salesman).
  • easy and convenient search which is all GPS matched with employees in area.
  • Easy to select from profiles on a GPS map and not scroll aimlessly through unwanted resumes and profiles.
  • Big Oil Companies, Big Contracting companies can just list projects that have been approved (from the resort in Mexico, the U.S/Mexico boarder wall, an energy center, a pipeline project) making it more visible for contractors to bid on projects.
  • The contractors that get awarded the projects can list information on work force needed to complete such projects to meet schedules.

Free advertising details: Free advertising for select companies. Lets boost your

small businesses and have them potentially grow, us small people can be big deals now too !!!!

As a hard-working pipeline welding inspector by trade, for the love of my job I see the beauty in it. I’d love to see the passion and beauty in everyone’s jobs. Please submit work related pictures with your company details on the picture in a corner and I’ll be picking photo’s for my cover.

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This App is for the blue-collar folk, like me. I’ll also be promoting companies on my cover, for free advertising. See details on my website on how to qualify for this feature as I’ll be changing the cover often to help businesses around the world for free promote their hard work. Please see features.

As a single mom that has had to hold 3 jobs at a time to make rent for my kids, I know the stress of just finding regular jobs. We don’t have fancy resumes, we might hand out 100 resumes and they just aren’t hiring at that point in time. Save time and automatically come up when they need your services.

With this job app just create a basic profile, business owners will be able to search you, as well as you will be able to search jobs or construction projects listed all over the world.

I decided everyone can be in the right place at the right time now anywhere in the world. If you are a construction worker living in Newfoundland and see its busy in B.C, you’ll be able to have your profile available and willing to work in B.C without physically being there.